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Hot Dog Carrier

Hot Dog Holder


Easily serve hot dogs, sausages, or bratwurst with this Southern Champion white paper tray. Boasting a white coloring that perfectly complements any setting, this paper tray is conveniently sized to fit a standard hot dog and has a compact design, making it easy for customers to hold and enjoy your signature items. While the open top allows customers to pile on their favorite condiments, its side edges help keep each hot dog upright and in place to prevent accidental messes. 

With a one-piece, SBS paperboard construction, this hot dog tray ensures quality, single-service use. Its clay coating offers a grease-resistant barrier that contains moisture and oil, eliminating the need for a tray liner. Disposable for easy clean up, this white paper hot dog tray is the perfect addition to any concession stand, kiosk, or food truck! 

9 Inch in length