Jade Paper

Think Green, Think Jade Paper!

Box Styles

Barn Box
Food Container Box / Barn Box
Assorted sizes of barn style boxes
Catering Box
Catering Boxes
Assorted sizes of catering boxes
Chicken Wing Box
Chicken Wing Boxes

Assorted Sizes and styles of chicken wing boxes

Pizza Boxes
Pizza Boxes
Assorted sizes of Pizza Boxes
French Fry Box
French Fry Boxes
Assorted sizes of food and french fry boxes
Cake Boxes
Cake Boxes
Many sizes and styles of cake boxes
Fish & Chips Boxes
Fish & Chips Boxes
Assorted fish and chip boxes
Food Bio Box
Food Container Boxes / Bio Paks

Assorted Styles and sizes White and Brown

Patty and open face boxes
Patty Boxes
Patty boxes hamburger patties and more